1. What is Tag Your Friend?

Tag Your Friend is an exciting feature that lets you know ratings and reviews of restaurants, theatres, pubs or any service that your tagged friends have given.

Eg: Your tagged friend has written a review or rated Mainland China Restaurant. In the friends review section of Mainland China you can view your friends review

2. Do I need to have a Asian Fortuna account for using this feature?

Yes, you would need a Asian Fortuna account for using this feature. This is an easy process, just click on the New User Sign Up link and follow the steps. It is Free.

3. How do I tag a friend?

  • Log into asianfortuna.com
  • Go to the ‘Tag Your Friend’ page.
  • Enter your friend’s Mobile number.
  • The friend will be added to tagged friends list.
  • Congrats! You have tagged your friend.
  • In case you cannot find your friends, click on ‘Did Not Find Your Friend?’
  • You can also tag your friends by sending them an email invite.

4. Apart from my reviews/ratings what other information can be seen by my network?

Your network of friends can see your Name, your uploaded photo and your reviews. No personal information is displayed.

5. Do I need to provide my Mobile number?

You have to register through your mobile number. You can edit your number from edit profile section after log in.

6. Can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile anytime once you sign in. Ensure that you keep your profile information updated.